Nov 2, 2019

Siberian Chiffchaff on the house list

This morning a tristis was calling when I got out of the house with Hickman. It was calling good, but I didn't have camera or telefone on me, so no documentation so far. A quick search afterwards did not produce. May be later...
And yes, I found it back in the afternoon! Only calling twice then, but showing well.

Phylloscopus tristis

This bird shows all the characteristics of tristis, being a light and grey warbler, with no green and yellow in it's plumage.  Only on the closed wing is a little bit green visible, formed by the fringes of the secondaries. No yellow tones on the eyebrow, a white eye-ring and a faint wing bar are otherwise good characters, as well as the very dark bare parts. The call, which I would describe as a plaintive and high "seep" reminiscent of a down chick, makes the ID safe and sound.

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