Aug 3, 2022


The last week of July I had a family trip to Iceland. Although it was primarily a family trip, I had the opportunity to do some birdwatching (as always). It was a successful trip, although Harlequin Duck was not easy (saw five, of which one from a driving car that couldn't stop at that place). Anyhow, I saw what I wanted to see and we did a short whale watching tour at Húsavik.

Most important birds were of course Harlequin Duck Histrionicus histrionicus and Barrow's Goldeneye Bucephala islandica. The Harlequin Duck cost me one-and-a-half hour to find at the famous spot where the Láxa rivers meets Myvatn (probably because they had young and spent time in the vegetation). Barrow's Goldeneye was easy with a few males still in breeding plumage.

Otherwise holds Iceland a few endemic taxa, most of which I did see. Black-tailed Godwit islandica, Merlin subaesalon, Wren islandicus and Snow Bunting insulae. Further loads of Atlantic Puffins, beautiful Great Northern Divers, Arctic and Great Skuas and quite a few Red-necked Phalaropes...

Mammals we saw were Humpback Whale, Grey Seal, Harbour Seal, Arctic Fox and Rabbit...


Harlequin Duck female with three ducklings

Barrow's Goldeneye male

Barrow's goldeneye male eclips

Barrow's Goldeneye female

Redwing coburni

Eider borealis

European Golden Plover

Great Northern Diver, which I heard sometimes

Slavonian Grebe


black beach with Robin at Vik



And below the sounds one hears all the time in the right habitat

                                                              🎤 European Golden Plover

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